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Alchemy CATALYSTAlchemy CATALYST is famous software. This is a visual localization environment that supports all aspects of the localization workflow. New version helps organizations speed up their localization processes, reach new markets faster than their competitors, and create new revenue opportunities for them. It high quality translation of products and services is essential to the success of multinational organizations. This is a key factor in increasing market share, increasing revenue, and building brand loyalty. Thus, today’s highly competitive market demands translation solutions that reduce overall costs, reduce time to market, and improve quality.

It addresses the challenges of business localization head-on. So, with a powerful visual localization environment and advanced translation memory technology, global organizations can localize their products and services faster and more efficiently than ever before, while improving translation quality and reducing costs. This is commercial content such as websites, help systems, and software applications are very repetitive. It app translation memory ensures that no sentence needs to be translated twice. This app improves translation accuracy while dramatically reducing localization times by recycling up to 70% of previous translation work.

Alchemy CATALYST windowsAlchemy CATALYST Key Features:

Advanced Desktop TM:

  • It is a new multilingual desktop TM engine that offers high-performance search, lightning-fast match search, and full contextual storage of translation resources.

PerfectMatch Translations:

  • This app provides a better translation than “100% match” by matching the context and location of the previous translation. Thus, no configuration is required; this is an intrinsic feature of the new Alchemy desktopTM technology.


  • Work faster and process more files than ever! By this app, Alchemy Scheduler to run experts, such as Analytics and Leverage, like background tasks on your desktop, while continuing to work in Alchemy CATALYST.

Alchemy CATALYST latest versionWhat’s new in Alchemy CATALYST?

Project Manager:

  • The new Project Manager lets the user view the statistics of many TTK projects without opening them. The translation progress is displayed as a colored progress bar along with detailed statistics that can be exported to a file.
  • The comprehensive set of filtering and sorting functionality, together with the dynamic updating of the total word counts, makes this new pane a very powerful, easy-to-use, and useful tool for any user who handles hundreds of TTK files.

New Experts:

  • Duplicates ExpertThe new Duplicates Expert extracts duplicate segments across any number of TTK files into a duplicates TTK, at the same time marking the exported text in the source TTKs, in order to avoid translating the same text more than once.
  • After the translation phase, a new ad-hoc Leverage function applies the translated text to all the original TTKs.
  • Lead/Trail Spaces ExpertThe Lead/Trail Spaces Expert automatically detects and fixes all the segments where extra spaces at the extremities were introduced during the translation phase.

File Support:

  • RoboHelpAlchemy CATALYST 2021 brings its powerful features set to the world of RoboHelp Projects. Just drop in your .rhpj file to securely translate, visually engineer and confidently validate your RoboHelp projects.
  • ePUBThe .ePub e-book file format is supported by many e-readers and compatible software is available for most smartphones, tablets, and computers. Simply insert the file in your project and Catalyst recompiles its contents for translation.

Validation Expert:

  • The Validation Expert has been enhanced with a new and quick way to store and load sets of Validation tests and settings: switching to a completely different set of tests has never been so easy.

Miscellaneous Features:

  • JSON files: the JSON ezParse rules now support parsing elements as Memos of strings at the same level. Creating and editing a parsing rule is now easier thanks to the possibility to append new elements from different JSON templates. Finally, segmentation rules are now applied to JSON files too.
  • Images ManagementImages management: The management of projects including large amounts of images, such as MadCap and Robohelp projects, is made really easy with the Export and Import All images tool.
  • Users can export all images from an active project into a folder, maintaining the project’s structure. This grants the ability to effortlessly harvest and review all images to send to an editor for localization needs. Once all images are returned, simply import them back into the TTK project to apply localized graphics. Available as an ezScript Command-Line too.
  • Faster saving time: With the industry continuously producing larger projects, changes were made to the TTK format to improve saving times. Catalyst now uses parallel processing whenever possible, maximizing the use of hardware resources.
  • Timestamp for translations: a Timestamp has been added to every segment in the String List View, to keep track of the date and time of the latest change to the target text.
  • Automatic Get Translation: A toggle button has been added to the Translator Toolbar (Toggle Automatic Get Translation) for users who wish to pre-populate every selected segment with any 100% match available in the Active TM & MT.

Validation Results Pane:

  • The Validation Results Pane provides an organized way to display the issues reported by the Validation Export or the Automatic Validation. Issues are added to the list where they can be grouped by Validation Test, Resource type, File, etc. and they can be searched and filtered. Moreover, issues are automatically marked fixed as you select and fix them.


NavigatorThe main Navigator has been enhanced with the following features:

  • Project file counts: a simple but very useful addition to the Navigator window, a file count now shows the number of files inserted in the project.
  • Flexible Expand/Collapse of nodes: Expand and collapse nodes in the Navigator window without changing the selection in the string list, for faster navigation. Use the CTRL key when clicking on nodes to expand/collapse recursively.
  • Right-click option to copy file path: Collecting and sharing information is easier with the new command that lets you copy file path, file path & name, or just file name.
  • Search and filter any text: Search any text in folders, filenames, and resource names in the Navigator window.

Locks & Keywords Editor:

  • Keywords files are now in XML format and they come with a brand new editing tool that makes it easier to set up, review and manage the rules to automatically set keywords and locks to your projects.

Miscellaneous UI Enhancement:

  • Entries in the Results Windows can now be filtered by type (Info, Warning, Error) using the new toggle buttons at the top of the pane.
  • Moreover, as with the Navigator, the Results entries can be searched for any text.
  • The Translator Toolbar can now be customized: Source and Target edit controls can be vertically switched.
  • Drag & drop TM and Glossaries: Simply drag & drop your Translation Memory and Glossary files into the appropriate locations. This includes attaching TM, MT, Glossaries, the Clean Up, Analyses, Validate, and Leverage Experts!
  • Segments from frozen resources marked red: Segments from a Frozen resource in the Navigator window are easily identified with their Parent ID and ID displayed in red. This makes it easier for translator users to see why a segment cannot be edited!

Verifika Connector:

  • VerifikaThis add-in enables Catalyst projects to be sent directly to the Verifika tool using the profile of your choice.

How to install & activate?

  • Disconnect from the internet and disable your antivirus protection momentarily (Recommended).
  • Extract and install Alchemy CATALYST by using setup.
  • After the installation, don’t launch the program or close it if launched.
  • Copy the crack file to the installation directory and replace it.
  • It’s done, Enjoy Alchemy CATALYST Full Version.

Alchemy CATALYST Crack Free Download

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