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PDF Candy DesktopPDF Candy Desktop is a reliable PDF alternative that provides many tools for working with PDF files.PDF Candy does not include any advertisements and does not require its customers to make accounts use for subscriptions, provide any information or else. The processed PDF files may be downloaded from the service; there is no requirement to give your email out to get the URL into the data. It provides tools such as merging, dividing, deleting webpages, compressing, rotating, archiving, archiving, and protecting PDF files. You can extract text or pictures in PDF files and edit PDF metadata. A practical trailer feature is offered. This app lets you perform management jobs file. It is a PDF program that provides different tools for working with PDF files. The interface is modern; the program is easy in use. It Compress PDF instrument can cut the size of the uploaded PDF file. It is an excellent approach to optically recognize the logos of their uploaded scanned PDF files and convert them into text formats like DOC, DOCX, RTF, ODT. Using Blend PDF, it’s likely to merge multiple PDF files into one. This Split PDF mode provides four distinct ways to divide the document: delete the pages from PDFsplit a text into single pages, then share the material by categories of pages or from page ranges. “Crop PDF” program crops the dimensions of the webpages of their uploaded files. So, unlock PDF prevents the password from protected files, and the “Protect PDF” program provides the password into PDF. “Extract from PDF” tool could extract both text or pictures from the data. You Can Download Flip PDF Professional Key Free

PDF Candy Desktop windowsPDF Candy Desktop Key Features:

  • No Online connection required.
  • Process your data anytime, anyplace
  • Convert, split or merge files of any size
  • By PDF to Word / PDF to JPG / JPG to PDF.
  • It blend and merge multiple files simultaneously.
  • Extract pictures / infusion text / edit metadata.
  • This app blend and merge several files at the same time.
  • Recognize text PDFs to make editable documents.
  • Process your files whenever and wherever you want.
  • Scanned PDF text recognition to editable documents
  • High-quality conversion of PDF files to editable Word files
  • High-quality to convert PDF files into editable DOC format.
  • PDF into DOCX / PDF into RTF / DOCX into PDF / RTF to PDF.
  • HTML into PDF / EPUB into PDF / MOBI into PDF / FB2 into PDF.
  • This app recognize text from scanned PDFs to make editable documents.
  • It gives sensitive information for privacy on your personal computer.
  • Process sensitive information locally in your PC to maintain maximum privacy.
  • This software  processes sensitive information locally on your personal computer to keep maximum privacy.

PDF Candy Desktop latest versionEnhancements:

  • You can extract content, be it text or images, in the files.
  • Split, combine, unlock, edit metadata and extract picture or text
  • Moreover, you can access files that are protected by a password.
  • Along with conversion, the program lets you perform file management tasks.
  • PDF Candy Desktop is a universal tool that lets you convert PDF files to different formats.
  • The program includes an elegant and modern interface, a dash, and you can get the feature.
  • The program acts as a converter, and you can process PDFs into EPS, BMP, PNG, TIFF, ODT, DOC, HTML, GIF, or WMF.
  • There’s also an OCR alternative for PDF files, OCR language choice is offered from the Preferences panel.
  • Essential functions include dividing PDF files or merging ones which you obtained from several resources, but which have the same topic.
  • It is licensed as Shareware, meaning software product is provided to consumers as a free download, but it might be restricted in performance or be time-limited.

System Requirements:

  • Running system: Windows.
  • Hard disk space: Over 200 MB


  • You will find 24 tools to functions with PDF files.
  • PDF Candy Desktop is one program to process PDF files.
  • The conversion tools encourage the processing of larger quantities of data.
  • Each of these website’s tools is provided incomplete and free to the consumers.
  • You can convert files in PDF format to PDF format and then proceed with surgeries.
  • PDF Candy Desktop’s user interface is user-friendly, and contemporary is encouraged.
  • Files of these formats as DOC, DOCX XLSX, ODT ePub FB2, JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, HTML convert into PDF.
  • PDF Chocolate is a brand new, completely free support for processing PDF files on the internet by Icecream Apps.
  • The only limit is that PDF document that is uploaded should be no longer than 10 MB for the use of their services by all users.
  • Additionally, there are features to compress PDF divide and merge, crop and rotate PDF, unlock protect PDF, edit metadata, and extract text or graphics.

How To Crack?

  • Download the program for your computer and start it.
  • Upload your PDF and click “Edit PDF files.”
  • On the peak of the taskbar, click “Pages.”
  • Today go to the ideal side of the taskbar and choose”Crop.”
  • Drag your mouse across the region that you would like to maintain.
  • Then double click the chosen area.
  • If a window opens, then you edit the page choice and then can adjust the margins.
  • When you did, click”OK.”
  • Done.

PDF Candy Desktop License Key Free Download

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