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Renga ArchitectureArchitects are creators who dream and then design buildings adapted to the urban landscape. To do this, they need the freedom to implement all of their ideas in an inventive way. Renga Architecture helps them combine free-form modeling with the objective presentation of building materials.

This makes it possible to plan the architectural appearance of a building, complement its external appearance, and make it practical, safe, and comfortable for people to live and work. Models created in Renga Architecture execute architect concepts with maximum precision and are also understandable for engineers and builders. It’s easy to use and its calming interface allows long-term work on projects without straining the eyes.

Renga Architecture windowsRenga Architecture Key Features:

  • Creating a Sketch (Conceptual Design):

In the first stage of the design, the project architect needed the tools to quickly and easily create a conceptual prototype of the building of the future.

The Renga BIM system is based on two general principles: design in 3D space (to improve visualization) and use of an intuitive contextual interface (for ease of interaction with 3D models.

An architect can create buildings in 3D, using object tools such as walls, blocks, windows, etc. You can also switch to a 2D drawing plane at any time and continue to create 3D modeling in that view.

  • Detailed Architectural and Space Planning:

For a more detailed model architecture, Renga Architecture provides tools for the rapid creation and editing of objects in the styles, assembly, and profile editor.

In minutes, you can create your own styles of windows or doors, place them on horizontal or vertical posts, assign structural materials, determine types of stud openings, and adjust the dimensions of window sills, trusses, and supports. You can define a custom style for the door openings in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Renga Architecture latest version

  • Worksharing in Renga:

In the Renga BIM system, architects and structural engineers work in an environment with the same 3D model. Each member of the project team can follow the changes made by their colleagues. This function reduces possible inconsistencies between architectural, structural, and MEP models, by validating the accuracy and consistency of the model. It also shortens the approval cycle.

  • Automatic Recalculation of Schedules and Work Sheets:

To perform labor volume calculations and precise material quantity calculations, use the Planning tool. It automatically collects object data and generates a report in table format. If any changes are made to the 3D model, the schedule is recalculated automatically.

Architects can create their own personalized calendar or use predefined templates. Standard models are defined in accordance with Russian State Standards (GOST) – such as BOMs and BOMs for doors and windows. Architects can edit planning views, group schedules by the property, apply filters, and add custom properties.

What’s new in Renga Architecture?

  • The ability to control the display of windows and doors that are part of assemblies in display styles.
  • The ability to export spline surfaces to IFC in AdvancedBrep geometric representation.
  • Importing the geometric representation IfcSurfaceCurveSweptAreaSolid.
  • SD#7209077, SD#7237583, SD#7213721, SD#7198217, SD#7202910 – Copy and paste schedules in the Project Explorer.
  • SD#7241717 – The ability to export and import tables in RTB format.
  • SD#7250267 – Multiple users can collaborate in the Object Properties window at the same time.
  • SD#756486, SD#7144459, SD#7210540, SD#7241717, SD#7202742 – Layout styles.
  • Legend by Assembly object generates, taking into account the visibility settings of objects included in the assembly.
  • Join the object materials when the objects included in the assembly.
  • SD#7209830, SD#7237776 – Model line tool in the assembly.
  • The ability to IFC export the “Reference” geometry of openings.
  • SD#7203227 – The ability to control the landing line orientation in the dimensions.
  • Open project journal command.
  • The ability to identify changes received from the server in the project journal.
  • SD#7249454, SD#7241234, SD#7199714, #7207634 – API. Getting a list of the object styles, parameters, and properties related to MEP systems from the API.
  • SD#7248915 – The project file does not open in version 4.5.
  • SD#7248511 – The bug of IFC export.
  • SD#7251151 – IFC opening problem.
  • SD#7250031, SD#7254297 – The bug of STEP export.
  • SD#7250931 – The bug of PDF import.
  • SD#7250342 – Incorrect unit of measurement of the conductor cross-section area.
  • SD#7248271 – The crash when applying the filter in some cases.
  • SD#7252906 – Reset the cursor position when editing a mark in some cases.
  • SD#7239554 – Displaying invisible elements when projecting in some cases.

How to install & activate?

  • Disconnect from the internet (Recommended).
  • Extract and install Renga Architecture by using setup.
  • After the installation, don’t run the program or exit if started.
  • Copy the crack to the installation directory and replace it.
  • It’s done, Enjoy Renga Architecture Full Version.

Renga Architecture Key Free Download

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